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I’m Ruth, a mom of 2 who recently took the (scary) leap of faith to ditch my corporate career, and pursue my lifelong dream of running my own business ...

I am proud to say I am now the owner operator of Ella Bella (named after my youngest daughter ‘Ella’), a modern beauty and wellness brand.

Ella Bella products are stylish, innovative and high quality.

Every single one of our products are hand tested by me in my own home with my family to ensure quality and durability.

I am very grateful for every single Ella Bella customer, and will always be here to personally answer your queries or resolve any concerns.

Thank you for reading.

Ruth x



Our customers can rest assured we test and quality check every product personally before we put it out to market. Our customers come first always, and we will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase everytime.


Our products will always look to differentiate from the market, and improve on what exists currently.
Rest assured with Ella Bella you are getting a product we have thought about from all angles to give you the best user experience.


We are a proud family business, and look to provide products that appeal to the whole family across the board. From beauty to home improvement and everything in between, Ella Bella has something for everyone.



Murielle Blake

Love this curling iron! Will never use any other brand. Your hair just glides through, and doesn’t stick with zero damage to your hair. Highly recommended!


Inna Tran

 Absolutely love my Ella Bella Hollywood vanity mirror with LED lights. It's the perfect size and is very stable. Great lighting for doing my hair and makeup and I love that it is dimmable with different lighting modes. If you are considering this mirror, go for it. You won't regret it.


Clyde Meily

I have always wanted a big shower rainfall head and was remodeling my entire master bathroom, so decided to try the Ella Bella Shower System due to its shower head size and sleek look. Upon testing the installation the showerhead pressure was perfect, and it looked great! I am very happy with my purchase.

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